Spirit 84 "BTCOF" 7 inch collection

Spirit 84 was a band from the Netherlands that played Youth Crew inspired music, in vein of Turning Point. They were rather the exception than the rule over here in Belgium, where Metalcore was flourishing. Especially in the year 1998, when they released this 7 inch. When I started collecting this record (because it's part … Continue reading Spirit 84 "BTCOF" 7 inch collection

Reaper Records Pays Homage To 3 Websites

One fine day, Reaper Records decided to pay homage to three famous websites in the field of hardcore! Actually to three blogs whom I read almost daily. And what's a better way than pressing a record and a T-shirt dedicated to those websites and all this in a perfect limited edition turnover! Labels take note … Continue reading Reaper Records Pays Homage To 3 Websites

It’s a JUDGE Bringin’ It Down

I have always advocated buying several versions of a record instead of having multiple of a certain version. Recently I was strengthened in believing in that approach. Why? Because I discovered that I have mistaken a first press JUDGE Bringin' It Down on black vinyl for a third+ press. The mistake actually laid in the … Continue reading It’s a JUDGE Bringin’ It Down