Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette

Probably one of the hardest to find releases of Spirit Of Youth. This is the cassette single released on Sober Mind Recordings in 1993. There is a lot to tell about this one, so let's start with it. Spirit Of youth "Engine / Darkroom" professionally manufactured cassette Spirit Of Youth started out as a 100% … Continue reading Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette

REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)

Speaking of "bars and stars" from the DC-flag as mentioned in the previous post by my man Ezekiel. Here's another later record that was inspired by that artwork. But that's far from the core of this write-up! What I'm trying to say is that this record was never discussed on H8000 Central and never here, … Continue reading REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)