VA H8000 Compilation Volume One LP

This is the coloured vinyl version of a legendary compilation. The first H8000 compilation made by Sober Mind Recordings and Genet Records in the year 1998. It features many bands that played at the moment in time. It starts of with a demo track of Spineless, that was previously unreleased. Is followed by Congress, Lifecycle, … Continue reading VA H8000 Compilation Volume One LP

Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette

Probably one of the hardest to find releases of Spirit Of Youth. This is the cassette single released on Sober Mind Recordings in 1993. There is a lot to tell about this one, so let's start with it. Spirit Of youth "Engine / Darkroom" professionally manufactured cassette Spirit Of Youth started out as a 100% … Continue reading Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette


Finally acquired another one of the last missing pieces of the Blindfold collection. I say 'one of the' because one never knows when a collection is complete. Although I already knew about the existence thanks to a mention of a fellow collector. I also mentioned it way back on the discography post of Blindfold. In … Continue reading BLINDFOLD Live At Vortn Vis Lp YELLOW