Backtrack "Darker Half" collection

Thanks to Backtrack and Reaper Records for creating these records together starting from 2011. Four presses were done, first row are all first press colours. Second row are second, third and fourth press. Especially the latest version comes out nice. The last row are limited cover versions. These records were just sitting in my collection … Continue reading Backtrack "Darker Half" collection

Sheer Terror "Just Can’t Hate Enough" LP

Sheer Terror "Just Can't Hate Enough" LP reissue just passed on to me by the mail man. A repress of a reissue on Black Out! Records. The record has a very relevant title, that makes me think about certain facts in our Hardcore scene. Unfortunately in many Hardcore scenes there is hatred upon hatred. And … Continue reading Sheer Terror "Just Can’t Hate Enough" LP