MORNING AGAIN: First Recordings With Kevin

To continue the Morning Again report, let's discuss a release with the other vocalist that came after Damien. Most recordings of Morning Again were actually with Kevin Ray Byers. Kevin also wrote very intelligent lyrics and very progressive considering the context of time. I learned heaps from those texts and still love Morning Again to … Continue reading MORNING AGAIN: First Recordings With Kevin

MORNING AGAIN: Recordings With Damien

Did you know that the Morning Again "Hand Of Hope" LP on Good Life is actually a compilation of two different recordings? Two recordings for two different American labels actually? Well it was. The first recordings were for Conquer The World Records and were released as a 12" ep in 1996 in various pressings. It … Continue reading MORNING AGAIN: Recordings With Damien

Morning Again "As Tradition Dies Slowly"

The third full-length of Morning Again on Revelation Records. A cool coincidence that it's 90's galore and that it's on Revelation Records. Another LP that breaths the 90's would be "Life.Love.Regret" from Unbroken. Although this one isn't so high in price or desired it's a tad heavier and more classic to me personally. It was … Continue reading Morning Again "As Tradition Dies Slowly"