Rot In Hell / Psywarfare split LP

"The Greatest Danger Lies In Man Himself" The ‘music’ start off with noise, something we hear but can’t define. This stirs up the interest but also arouses fear and curiosity. Then an older man starts talking about his philosophical insights into ‘human nature’. According to his words, the greatest danger lies in man himself. Only … Continue reading Rot In Hell / Psywarfare split LP

INTEGRITY – Systems Overload (A2 / Orr mix)

Systems Overload was the name of the 1995 INTEGRITY album that got me hooked to these guys, 'systems overload' was also the term that might be fitting with the situation the band released this album in the nineties. A engineer named Bill Korecky oversaw the production and apparently the jagged vision of Dwid and Aaron's … Continue reading INTEGRITY – Systems Overload (A2 / Orr mix)

INTEGRITY Kingdom Of Heaven Test Press

One year into collecting has had his effect on my bank account and my relation. Both suffered from the many hours spent on browsing, buying and discussing my latest purchases. Hours spend behind turntables and computers have left me with an ever growing lump on my back, damaged hearing and virtually no social life anymore. But … Continue reading INTEGRITY Kingdom Of Heaven Test Press