Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”

Hands Upon Salvation "Heresy"front cover Hands Upon Salvation, the Indonesian Metalcore band has returned with a great album, called "Heresy". Hands Upon Salvation has released three albums over the past 15 years. The first, from 2004, is called "Celebrate The Newborn" and is their darkest album filled with fast and cold Death Metal influenced riffs. … Continue reading Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”

Hands Upon Salvation "To Celebrate The Newborn" cassette

Do you remember the posts I did about Indonesian Hardcore? I am starting to appreciate the band Hands Upon Salvation more and more. I already did a review about "To Celebrate The Newborn" earlier, when I got a CD version. Now I acquired a recently pressed cassette version. The Indonesian label who made them is … Continue reading Hands Upon Salvation "To Celebrate The Newborn" cassette

Hands Upon Salvation REVIEW

Hands Upon Salvation came together in 1998 and were originally called Destruct.¬†They already had experience gained by playing in earlier bands like Diphterium Hate and Scumbag. It was in early 2002 after lots of line-up changes that they changed their name to Hands Upon Salvation. Later the band recorded their first recordings in 2003 in … Continue reading Hands Upon Salvation REVIEW

Indonesian Hardcore: HANDS UPON SALVATION

The global footprint that the 90's metallic hardcore had on the globe is still visible when you hear his this Indonesian Metalcore band. HAND UPON SALVATION is the living proof that 90's bands from all over our Western society had created something new and something that will stay. Belgian bands like LIAR, CONGRESS seem to … Continue reading Indonesian Hardcore: HANDS UPON SALVATION