Inside Front Zine #9 and Good Life 7 inch

Someone on the social medium Instagram posted a picture of the Inside Front 7 inch made by Good Life Recordings. This record has the four main H8000 bands that were on Good Life back in 1996. It concerns Liar, Congress, Regression and Shortsight. Seeing that post from @xtokeex made me look in the archives and … Continue reading Inside Front Zine #9 and Good Life 7 inch

Deconsecrate "Nothing Is Sacred" LP Review

I’ve read several reviews about this record, early and late reviews. I’ve concluded that "Nothing Is Sacred" appeals to people with a whole variety of backgrounds. That’s because they deliver with their first full length a mixture of a whole lot of elements from the harder musical landscape. In their music lay influences of Death … Continue reading Deconsecrate "Nothing Is Sacred" LP Review