Nations On Fire 1991 – 2017

Strike The Match was Nations On Fire's first LP. It was originally released in 1991 and is quickly becoming the most representative European Straight-Edge Hardcore release to date. Here's why. Nations On Fire was more than a Straight-Edge band. They have arisen from Rise Above, a pure Straight-Edge band that took critical stance towards the … Continue reading Nations On Fire 1991 – 2017

Spirit 84 "BTCOF" 7 inch collection

Spirit 84 was a band from the Netherlands that played Youth Crew inspired music, in vein of Turning Point. They were rather the exception than the rule over here in Belgium, where Metalcore was flourishing. Especially in the year 1998, when they released this 7 inch. When I started collecting this record (because it's part … Continue reading Spirit 84 "BTCOF" 7 inch collection

Wheel Of Progress "It’s Alive" 7 inch

Wheel Of Progress was an important band that is considered to have produced the embryonic sound of edge-metal. That's a statement that can be defied by many authors of the history of Hardcore and Punk. This is why I choose not to oppress this statement but let you hear it for yourself. The recordings were … Continue reading Wheel Of Progress "It’s Alive" 7 inch

Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax

The pressing history of this records seems - according to the CRUCIAL RESPONSE pressing info page - quite disastrous. Seems that the vinyl labels were inverted, did not know if they meant the colors or the side the labels are on. But also the sleeves were reprinted after being rejected. This post is about a copy that still … Continue reading Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax

Lärm ‘Extreme Noise’ Discography 2LP

I was full of expectations after I ordered the new Lärm Discography - for those who don't know; Lärm was Europe's first real Straight-Edge band. But the gatefold sleeve of the records came in very damaged. The packager of this record obviously has no clue of the existence of STIFFENERS! Damned. But in a way … Continue reading Lärm ‘Extreme Noise’ Discography 2LP

Early BLINDFOLD Live Recordings TAPES

Obviously there are two versions of the BLINDFOLD Live In Simple Beauty TAPE. This tape was released by REFUSE Records from Poland. And has the first 2 seveninches from Blindfold, as you already know, the DEPROGRAMMERS DON'T EXIST 7" and the SOBERMIND MEDITATION 7" but also the song from the legendary V/A Regress No Way … Continue reading Early BLINDFOLD Live Recordings TAPES