Deformity “Murder Within Sin” LP

Murder Within Sin is the first full length of Deformity and was released on Next Sentence Records for Europe and Blasphemour Records for the USA. After their Hardcore releases (live beyond demo, Misanthrope CD and split with Congress) they started to play more pure and technical Death-Metal but their Hardcore background still shines through. That … Continue reading Deformity “Murder Within Sin” LP

VA H8000 Compilation Volume One LP

This is the coloured vinyl version of a legendary compilation. The first H8000 compilation made by Sober Mind Recordings and Genet Records in the year 1998. It features many bands that played at the moment in time. It starts of with a demo track of Spineless, that was previously unreleased. Is followed by Congress, Lifecycle, … Continue reading VA H8000 Compilation Volume One LP

Deformity "Live Beyond" demo cassette

Back in 1996 when Deformity played at Dadizele in West-Flanders they recorded their set. After hearing it they decided to self-produce a tape in order to be able to promote their work. So became this highly sought after live demo cassette. I borrowed this cassette from a collector out of the Antwerp region in Belgium, … Continue reading Deformity "Live Beyond" demo cassette

CONGRESS – DEFORMITY Split 7inch Collection

Obviously hiding the pressing info of labels for the public has disadvantages but it makes collecting much more surprising afterwards. As was the case with this split 7inch. Good Life has a pressing info sheet yes, but some releases aren't mentioned and often from the mentioned releases not every color is mentioned. I might be … Continue reading CONGRESS – DEFORMITY Split 7inch Collection