Finally acquired another one of the last missing pieces of the Blindfold collection. I say 'one of the' because one never knows when a collection is complete. Although I already knew about the existence thanks to a mention of a fellow collector. I also mentioned it way back on the discography post of Blindfold. In … Continue reading BLINDFOLD Live At Vortn Vis Lp YELLOW

Good Life and Sober Mind Release Posters

The post isn't about records but about posters promoting these records. I have myself a small collection of GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS and SOBER MIND RECORDS releases. And these things are despite their not mint condition dear to me and would like to share them to those who also get sweet memories from that period they … Continue reading Good Life and Sober Mind Release Posters

REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)

Speaking of "bars and stars" from the DC-flag as mentioned in the previous post by my man Ezekiel. Here's another later record that was inspired by that artwork. But that's far from the core of this write-up! What I'm trying to say is that this record was never discussed on H8000 Central and never here, … Continue reading REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)

Early BLINDFOLD Live Recordings TAPES

Obviously there are two versions of the BLINDFOLD Live In Simple Beauty TAPE. This tape was released by REFUSE Records from Poland. And has the first 2 seveninches from Blindfold, as you already know, the DEPROGRAMMERS DON'T EXIST 7" and the SOBERMIND MEDITATION 7" but also the song from the legendary V/A Regress No Way … Continue reading Early BLINDFOLD Live Recordings TAPES

Blindfold TESTPRESSING !! (8000-crew essentials)

Couldn't resist to make this BLINDFOLD 8000 crew hardcore related post! Because I'm pretty stoked on having this gem. Am talking about a record from which the title says it all; "Sober Mind Meditation". Many people don't know about this record outside of Europe or even Belgium. People know about H8000 but few know about … Continue reading Blindfold TESTPRESSING !! (8000-crew essentials)