Chapter I of AMENRA Evolution: SPINELESS

Time for another H8000 post, the posts I like making the most. The post contains an interesting history and evolution from Spineless (90's H8000) to AmenRa (1st decade of the 21st century). This post is the product of reflection and more than a day in writing it down and rewriting it again and again, erasing … Continue reading Chapter I of AMENRA Evolution: SPINELESS

Obscure AMENRA side-projects

For several years now there is in Belgium an amazing band called AMENRA. The style they play is described as 'sludge' or 'doom' or 'trance', indefinable actually. They did several legendary shows on different locations including theaters. They already toured the United States but what many readers probably aren't aware of is the fact that … Continue reading Obscure AMENRA side-projects