BROTHERHOOD LP and 7 inch Reissues

I recently saw the Brotherhood reissue blooming on every social medium like Instagram and Facebook. So I realized I slept on pre-ordering the reissue of this late 80's classic. So I asked my Facebook followers if they had ordered multiple copies or not. Almost immediately, Nico - a fellow collector and blogger - got at … Continue reading BROTHERHOOD LP and 7 inch Reissues

DECADENCE Into The Mouth Of Hell 10 Inch

Growing up with Metalcore in the mid to late 90's, it is the sound I'm most familiar with and know many different aspects off. Living in the area where the Edge-Metal was created and trademarked. I can't deny that playing this record brings memories back  to live. But this band comes from the Andalusia area, … Continue reading DECADENCE Into The Mouth Of Hell 10 Inch

Two Revelation Represses: CIV & Chain

These represses from Revelation are aesthetically the most correct. That is why I bought them. What a first world problem or luxury problem it has become? Earlier people were happy with having one colored version of certain Revelation Records releases. No matter what color it was. No matter if it was aesthetically correct or not. … Continue reading Two Revelation Represses: CIV & Chain