Backtrack "Darker Half" collection

Thanks to Backtrack and Reaper Records for creating these records together starting from 2011. Four presses were done, first row are all first press colours. Second row are second, third and fourth press. Especially the latest version comes out nice. The last row are limited cover versions. These records were just sitting in my collection … Continue reading Backtrack "Darker Half" collection

Naysayer "Down But Not Out" collection

Naysayer's second 7 inch on Reaper Records, called "Down But Not Out". Still without a test press but happy to have found all these versions. There were three limited versions, two of them have the same stamped cover but have different colours of vinyl. The white vinyl is rarer than the copies that come with … Continue reading Naysayer "Down But Not Out" collection

MADBALL R.A.H.C. 7 inch United Blood stamp

Who really cares about collecting Madball records nowadays? Maybe I'd better bought their first 7 inch called "Ball Of Destruction"? But no, this one is a cool one to have as their are only twenty in existence. This one in particular has a stamp in silver ink on the cover. They did that to differentiate … Continue reading MADBALL R.A.H.C. 7 inch United Blood stamp

NAYSAYER United Blood 2011 7 Inches

Last week I found and scored some records I was looking for quite a long time now. It concerns three different 7 inches of the band NAYSAYER. The first two were manufactured by their record label REAPER Records and are the most limited: Grey vinyl with red UNITED BLOOD stamp out of 20 copies There's something weird … Continue reading NAYSAYER United Blood 2011 7 Inches