VVEGAS, safehaven of thee omniscient T, a band of brothers in arms amidst the chaos, based in Germany, Australia, Northern America and Asia, a world dominating force ready to unleash their fury upon thee. Clouded in secrecy they spread their message through sonic annihilation. This time the arcane crew of madmen teamed up with Virginia … Continue reading VEGAS / MOUTHEATER split 7"

Trapped Under Ice: ‘Stay Cold’ Pressing Details

The first pressing of the TRAPPED UNDER ICE Stay Cold ep consists out of an accepted testpressing and 3 variations of records: First we have the testpressing wich is numbered out of 15 on the blank A-label and stamped on the B-side. And REAPER RECORDS made covers based on NY's Breakdown for the testpressings. Then … Continue reading Trapped Under Ice: ‘Stay Cold’ Pressing Details