MERAUDER Master Killer LP Reissue

You know the feeling when you think you'll never find a certain record? Well, I've had it for ages with the pre-order version of the "Masterkiller" LP reissue on Reaper Records. This pressing has my favorite lay-out. Other versions, like the 1995 Century Media pressing look kinda awful in my opinion. A computerized image of … Continue reading MERAUDER Master Killer LP Reissue

1917 Records #10: BRACEWAR "Juggernaut"

Finally in my hands; a complete Bracewar 'Juggernaut' collection. Clockwise you see, the CLEAR version; a version that everybody has... But then you have the WHITE which is a pre-order version and the RED is also a pre-order version but then for the faster people. Ultimately we have the pre-press that was handmade by 1917 … Continue reading 1917 Records #10: BRACEWAR "Juggernaut"