Rhythm Amongst The Chaos Test Press

This is the test press of the Rhythm Amongst The Chaos ep from Terror. The Hardcore band Terror was on the forefront of the Hardcore scene during a whole period in time. They toured relentlessly and continuously across the globe for almost a decade. So this record's title is more than adjust. Music brings rhythm … Continue reading Rhythm Amongst The Chaos Test Press

MERAUDER Master Killer LP Reissue

You know the feeling when you think you'll never find a certain record? Well, I've had it for ages with the pre-order version of the "Masterkiller" LP reissue on Reaper Records. This pressing has my favorite lay-out. Other versions, like the 1995 Century Media pressing look kinda awful in my opinion. A computerized image of … Continue reading MERAUDER Master Killer LP Reissue

1917 Records #11: ATTITUDE "Turn Into Stone"

4 months in the pending phase, but finally a result is there. I'm talking about this deal I did with an American dude who had remarkably much and rare records from the label 1917 in his sell- list. Told you already that I confined myself more or less to organized collecting. And that records from … Continue reading 1917 Records #11: ATTITUDE "Turn Into Stone"

1917 Records #10: BRACEWAR "Juggernaut"

Finally in my hands; a complete Bracewar 'Juggernaut' collection. Clockwise you see, the CLEAR version; a version that everybody has... But then you have the WHITE which is a pre-order version and the RED is also a pre-order version but then for the faster people. Ultimately we have the pre-press that was handmade by 1917 … Continue reading 1917 Records #10: BRACEWAR "Juggernaut"