Bracewar & War Hungry 7"s (BRAIN GRENADE records)

Don't ask me why, but I'm really fascinated by this Richmond VA based label called BRAIN GRENADE Records. The Internet doesn't provide many info on that label, so I'm collecting blind and do not really know their discography. But the bands they launched are really worth having records from and they got fairly well-know by … Continue reading Bracewar & War Hungry 7"s (BRAIN GRENADE records)

xBISHOPx TESTPRESS Riddles And Questions

The Straight-Edge band xBISHOPx is definitely different than the majority of American sxe bands. They play a harder and more metallic sound. That's why I actually like them. Because they are different. But can anyone help me with this TESTPRESS here? I obtained this out of 5 testpress from xBISHOPx recently. I think it is … Continue reading xBISHOPx TESTPRESS Riddles And Questions

Have Heart "The Things We Carry" collection

A good day to make a picture and publish my Have Heart "The Things We Carry" collection. There were 4 colors pressed in three pressings. Here you can see the 4 colors. Actually there are two more other versions of this record. Namely the record releases. These record releases have the regular gatefold sleeve but … Continue reading Have Heart "The Things We Carry" collection