Congress "Euridium" 7 inch reflections

The 'Euridium' release of Congress was groundbreaking. There was no school in K-Town (Kortrijk) where there were school kids that weren't into Congress. Every K-town school had kids that were into Congress at that time. At least that is what someone of my age and from the area told me during an interview. It spread … Continue reading Congress "Euridium" 7 inch reflections

Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax

The pressing history of this records seems - according to the CRUCIAL RESPONSE pressing info page - quite disastrous. Seems that the vinyl labels were inverted, did not know if they meant the colors or the side the labels are on. But also the sleeves were reprinted after being rejected. This post is about a copy that still … Continue reading Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax