Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette

Probably one of the hardest to find releases of Spirit Of Youth. This is the cassette single released on Sober Mind Recordings in 1993. There is a lot to tell about this one, so let's start with it. Spirit Of youth "Engine / Darkroom" professionally manufactured cassette Spirit Of Youth started out as a 100% … Continue reading Spirit Of Youth "Engine / Darkroom" cassette

Wheel Of Progress "It’s Alive" 7 inch

Wheel Of Progress was an important band that is considered to have produced the embryonic sound of edge-metal. That's a statement that can be defied by many authors of the history of Hardcore and Punk. This is why I choose not to oppress this statement but let you hear it for yourself. The recordings were … Continue reading Wheel Of Progress "It’s Alive" 7 inch

BLINDFOLD 1993 ‘Restrain The Thought’

The kind-hearted music BLINDFOLD plays, is generated by the raw but cozy bass parts and the rhythmic drums. The bass and percussion are definitely the instruments that make it punk. But Hans is the one who brings the aggression in this music with his guitar. This slight aggressive touch and stir is not pretentious because … Continue reading BLINDFOLD 1993 ‘Restrain The Thought’