REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)

Speaking of "bars and stars" from the DC-flag as mentioned in the previous post by my man Ezekiel. Here's another later record that was inspired by that artwork. But that's far from the core of this write-up! What I'm trying to say is that this record was never discussed on H8000 Central and never here, … Continue reading REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)

Record Outtake: Earth Crisis "All Out War"

Long time I did a feature on Vegan Straight-edge. Well, with this post I'm aiming at the bullseye. I recently obtained the original debut 7" of vegan-straight-edge kick-starters Earth Crisis. This record came out on Conviction Records in 1992 and was a huge influence for all later vegan bands to come. Although I believe their … Continue reading Record Outtake: Earth Crisis "All Out War"