Shai Hulud and Another Victim split LP

Back when Good Life Recordings were at their peak of production, they released the vinyl versions for some Trustkill Records releases. Trustkill had some releases that were CD only releases in the States, so Belgium's Good Life Recordings created the vinyl versions. Bands included are Poison The Well, Most Precious Blood, Brother's Keeper, Eighteen Visions, … Continue reading Shai Hulud and Another Victim split LP

Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”

Hands Upon Salvation "Heresy"front cover Hands Upon Salvation, the Indonesian Metalcore band has returned with a great album, called "Heresy". Hands Upon Salvation has released three albums over the past 15 years. The first, from 2004, is called "Celebrate The Newborn" and is their darkest album filled with fast and cold Death Metal influenced riffs. … Continue reading Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”