When Reason Sleeps

After years and years of neglect, I finally bought myself a copy this record. As there were several copies of this on Discogs I needed to decide which one to buy. I decided to go for the sealed copy as it was only 5-10 euro more than near mint opened copies. Better sure than sorry regarding the condition of records.

I bought it in Germany and only a few days later the record arrived. I was in doubt if I should open it or keep it sealed, after all it is record from 1990. Not many copies in the wild are still sealed. After that minute of doubt I opened it. I also played it and don’t regret the fact to have sliced the shrink wrap. The record isn’t available through Spotify and so I can’t listen to it on my phone. Also nothing beats the sound of my turntable at home. Could have streamed it on YouTube but that’s nothing compared to having and playing the real thing. Still!

The record was released through Nemesis Records and had Jon Bunch on vocals, those vocals are truly great on this record.

Reason To Believe
When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance

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